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Fighting The Mob by Max M. Power
Action Thriller

Genre/Category: Action and Adventure Thriller
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Fighting The Mob by Max M. Power
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The first book in the Jonathan McGregor series. The Farm is the second.

Never having anything in his life to call his own, Staff Sergeant Jonathan McGregor, upon leaving the Corps, moves to New York City with his wife Joni and newborn baby in order to be closer to Joni's family. Men from the Mafia show up demanding Jonathan pay protection money for his store. Jonathan does what he does best and fights back but it costs him his family. Jonathan is now waging a private war to destroy the Mafia for ever.

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"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!" Jonathan and Johnson both shouted in unison.

"Now you got exactly fifteen minutes to get back inside and change!  That rope better not come off!  NOW MOVE!"

Jonathan and Johnson ran into the barracks and Johnson began to strip.  They both made it back right at the fifteen-minute mark.  For the rest of the day they wore the rope.

During the morning run Jonathan was getting frustrated.  Living in the streets, Jonathan was use to running and being active.  Johnson, on the other hand, was a bookworm that barely passed PE in high

school.  It was almost like carrying deadweight to Jonathan.

Jonathan did not want any extra punishment so he helped Johnson as much as possible. Everything they did had to be done together.  Everywhere they went they were laughed at but Jonathan ignored it.  Since they did not know exactly how long they would be tied together, Johnson decided to make good use of the time.

At first, Jonathan was hesitant to answering any questions about himself.  Finally, he gave in.  All day both men got to know each other better.  Jonathan was starting to feel he could trust Johnson.

Johnson did most of the talking.  Jonathan listened and gave short answers to anything he was asked.

At the end of the day Jonathan was sure they would be cut free to shower.  No such luck. Showering was the hardest thing to do.  All the other Recruits laughed at Jonathan and Johnson in the locker room.  As much as Jonathan wanted to hit someone, he managed to control his temper.

Sleep proved to be another challenge, however.  After giving it considerable thought, Johnson came up with a solution.  They both slept on the floor.  The floor was hard and very cold.  Johnson began to complain but Jonathan told Johnson how he use to sleep on the floor all the time in the streets.

In the morning Jonathan and Johnson got dressed slowly then lined up in formation.  Everyone was standing at attention as the Drill Instructors walked around, circling, like a pack of wolves circling a herd, looking for a weak spot.

Drill Instructor Leon was in charge this morning."Recruits McGregor and Johnson, front and center!" he shouted.

Jonathan and Johnson trotted to the front of the group.  It has been almost twenty-four hours since they were tied together.  They had learned quickly how to run without pulling the other with the rope.  DI Leon was impressed on how quickly they had learned to work together.  It truly was amazing considering how different they were.

"Recruit McGregor, have you learned anything from this exercise!" "Drill Sergeant, Yes, Drill Sergeant!"

"And what have you learned Recruit?"

"Drill Sergeant, that the Corps is a team, Drill Sergeant!  That every man depends on each other to make it through the day!  That whatever this Recruit does, it affects everyone, not just this Recruit, Drill Sergeant!"

"And Recruit Johnson, what have you learned!"

"Drill Sergeant, never to piss my pants again, Drill Sergeant!"

"I sure in hell hope so!" Leon shouted as he approached Johnson."Let's test that theory shall we," Leon whispered into Johnson's ear.  He stood nose to nose and shouted, "Recruit Johnson!  Would you say the Corps is a brotherhood!"

"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!"

"Would you lay your life down for your fellow Marines, your brothers!" "Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!"

"Would you trust your life to any of your fellow Marines!" "Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!"

"Glad to hear it Recruit!"  Leon stayed in front of Johnson but turned his head to look at Jonathan, "What about you McGregor!  Would you trust your life to this sorry bag of bones!"

"Drill Sergeant, without a doubt Drill Sergeant!  This Recruit would trust Recruit Johnson with this Recruit's life, Drill Sergeant!"

"Well since you ladies trust each other so much I am making you two partners!"  Leon looked back to Johnson, "What this MEANS Recruit Johnson is that you are now responsible for Recruit McGregor and he is responsible for you!  Unless you are seeing the Doc, you two are not to be separated, period!"

"To see how well you trust each other, your scores will be reversed also!  No matter what we do, Recruit McGregor's scores will count for Recruit Johnson!  Whatever sorry weak ass score Recruit Johnson makes, it will count for Recruit McGregor!  Is this understood!"

"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant," Jonathan and Johnson shouted in unison.

"Good!  Now Recruit Johnson would you like me to remove that rope," Leon asked, his nose once again touching Johnson's nose.

"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!" "And you trust me Recruit!"

"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!"

Without looking DI Leon pulled out his K-Bar and cut the rope at Johnson's stomach.  Johnson did not even have time to blink.

"Recruit Johnson, I'm not even going to look, are you still dry!"

"Drill Sergeant, Yes Drill Sergeant!"

"Good!  We're going to make a man out of you yet Recruit Johnson!  Now go untie your partner and fall in!"

Quickly Johnson went to Jonathan and untied the rope from around his waist.  The only thing

going through Jonathan's mind was that it was going to be a long twelve weeks.