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God's Chosen: Stand and Fight by Jeremy Gatlin

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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God's Chosen: Stand and Fight by Jeremy Gatlin
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Jeffrey Allan was just an ordinary young man, now he must wage a war against evil.

The day he meets Lara Potters, his life gets turned upside down. She tells him that God has chosen him to protect mankind from evil until the Second Coming. There's a cult running rampant in his town, as well as strange animal attacks and he has to stop them.

When Jeffrey finds out that his estranged brother is part of the cult, he's forced to take on his duties and enters a war of good versus evil.

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The man was unrecognizable to  everyone.  He didn’t even look human. There wasn’t a single strand of hair present on his nude, discolored body. His skin smelled of decay and sulfur. It was sloughing off, leaving bloody wounds all over his body.

He hobbled through the village of Aditya shrieking at everyone, sounding like a cat that had its tail stepped on. People ran in all  directions trying to get away from him, all the while he tried to grab the nearest person with his skinless fingers.   He latched onto a young girl named Keren and hissed at her.

“I need a body!”

The girl screamed and her mother, Gavi,  came running. By the time she got to the man, he lifted Keren up to look into  her  eyes.  Gavi  shouted at the man, “Flee from us in the name of God!”

The man dropped Keren and gasped as he drew back. His  body  jerked  violently  and thick

streams of black fog streamed from his eyes. The fog dissipated and the man collapsed to the ground. He exhaled his last breath and died.

“It’s gone now. You’re safe,” said Gavi holding her daughter tightly to comfort her.

Gavi picked up her frightened daughter and took her back home, which was close by. She put Keren down when they got in the house. “Are you alright, Keren?” asked Gavi.

Keren’s face was flushed white. She  answered in a stunned, quiet voice, “His eyes were filled with darkness. There was so much evil in them.    He… it needed a body.”

“It’s gone my child.”

Gavi guided her shocked daughter to bed and laid her down. She walked away and let out a sigh of relief.  “Thank you, God, for allowing no harm   to come to her.”

Gavi was a young,  beautiful  woman.  She was twenty-four and took care of her eight-year-old daughter on her own (her husband died a couple months ago from a severe illness); therefore, all of the laborious chores fell on her shoulders.  She had to  watch  after  Keren  and  tend  to  her  livestock.

Life was stressful for her. A woman in her culture wasn’t allowed to find work, and that made it much more difficult to support  her  small  family. Luckily, she had a few friends that helped carry her load.

There was a rapid knock at the door that  made Gavi jerk. She went to the door and asked, “Who is it?”

A deep voice answered, “Daton and Ami.”

They were her friends. She opened the door and let them walk inside.

Gavi shut the door and Ami said with concern, “We just saw what happened to Keren. That demon surprised us all. It just came out of nowhere.    Did it hurt Keren?”

Gavi shook her head.   “She’s in shock.   I   put her to bed so she could rest. I’m so glad I was able to get to her in time.”

Daton lowered his head and let out a heavy sigh.  He clenched his fist and declared, “This has   to stop.  All the evil that’s swept over the land has  to be put to an end.”

Ami turned to Daton. “How?” she asked. They  were  all  silent  for a moment. Gavi

spoke up, “Let us pray to God for the  answer.  First, we go get Jael and Eved so they can pray with us.”

Ami and Daton nodded.  They walked out   the door to retrieve Jael and Eved.

A few minutes later, Ami and Daton returned with Jael and Eved. Gavi had a small bowl of incense burning in the main room.  The  five  of them gathered around it and Gavi thanked them for coming to pray with her.

“I believe that God, in His great wisdom, will show us the way,” said Jael.

They held hands and bowed their heads.

Gavi prayed, “Heavenly Father, we come to You in great need. Dark forces are overtaking us and we cannot fight them alone. God, please help us.    Show us what we should do.”

God warmed their troubled hearts when He answered their prayer.  His deep voice was calm  and steady when He answered, “I will provide you with a warrior, a protector.  Look  to  the  young man in your village named Abner. He is the one I choose to protect my people.  He will be equipped  to fight the evil forces.    My dear Gavi, you will be

equipped to help Abner in his times of need when fighting evil. Go now and take this sword  to Abner.”

Gavi and the group opened their eyes to see a sheathed sword lying in the center of the circle, next to the bowl of incense. Eved gasped in  astonishment. “Our prayer has  been  answered,” she exclaimed.  Gavi picked up the sword and rose to her feet.

“I must  go!  Please  watch after  Keren.  It will be much too dangerous for her to come with me.    I’ll return to her as soon as I can.”

Gavi went to see her sleeping daughter and knelt down beside her. She had no idea when she would be back to be with her.  I  don’t  want to leave my baby girl, she thought. “I  love  you, Keren. I’ll come back for you,” she said as tears streamed from her eyes.

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