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Two Minds Become One by Robert Ward

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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Two Minds Become One by Robert Ward
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A 35 year old man, about to get everything he wants gets kidnapped, is involved in an experimental operation where his brain is transplanted into that of a 17 year old female, and has to learn to live as a female.  Along the way, (s) he has to learn to deal with relationships, loss, mourning, inherits a lot of money, has to deal with Embezzling a lot of money off her and has to deal with is as a female.


The next day, I went for a walk along the Coastal walkway in NewPlymouth.  I decided to go from the port all the way to Bell Block since it had recently opened.  So I drove in my gray two-tone Mazda Demio to the port,stopped the car, started my walk, thinking about the news article I had heard over lunch yesterday.

As I walked along the walkway I met a friend named Jon.  “Hello thereAlan, how’s your job going my man?”
Thinking about the right way to answer him, I replied “I finished my job I had had for six years and I really enjoyed it, Jon.  I am sure you know that I have just been accepted to The Salvation Army Officers Training College inWellington, I am not too sure how I will get on there, but what I do know is that the Lord will provide.”

Jon thought about it and then asked me, “You are still with The SalvationArmy then?  What does a Salvation Army Officer do?”
“Yes” I replied.  “I love the Salvation Army, and I always will.  It has a special place in my heart.  I believe that I need to do what the Lord is telling me to do. The Salvation Army is a Religious and community involvement group.  An officer is in charge of a Corps or any other thing that the Salvation Army manages, from Retirement homes to helping in Natural Disasters.  TheSalvation Army Officer is a minister.  Why don't you join me on Sunday for the church service and see what you think?”
Jon smiled shook his head and asked, “No thanks. How far are you going today?  I mean it is about ten o’clock in the morning and it is the middle ofDecember.  It’s just another hot summer’s day, so wouldn't it be better at theBeach?”
“I don't really want a swim, and I was thinking about going out to Bell Block; do you want to come for a walk or do you have something else to do?” I responded.
“I love the beach but walking here gives me more time to spend with God.”  I commented.

Jon frowned.  “I have to meet up with your brother, Thomas.  But I’ll meet you at the bridge out at Fitzroy, how does that sound?”
I considered that for a minute before responding, “That’s cool dude, I’ll just ‘chillax’ walk, pray and I'll see you at Fitzroy.  How does that sound?”
Jon nodded.
“I think that sounds great.  I see you still like to merge words like chill and relax”
“yeah I love it, it is just so me.”
Jon looked for a fraction of a second, nodded, smiled and left.

I walked along the walkway alone, thinking about things knowing that Ihad between five and six hours of walking time ahead of me.

As I was approaching the wind-wand about thirty-five minutes since starting, I saw a lady with red puffy eyes, and my heart went out to her.  She saw me, thought for a sec before saying to me “Hello, I know that you don’t know me, but I want to introduce myself to you.  My name is Anna McIsaac.”

Thinking that this is a little unusual to be talked to by a stranger, I was naturally suspicious about this lady, I said, “Hello there Anna, my name is AlanPeters.  How can I help you today?”
She smiled and said “I have a very ill daughter, but she is young.  Too young for what is wrong with her really.  She is only 17 and she has an inoperable brain Tumor and she is going to die.  Her name is Rachel, and she has a great bubbly personality.”

I started wondering if she somehow heard about me going to wellington and was surprised as I could not remember anything in the papers about it yet.

At that moment, she signaled to four people behind the tree beside her. The first was a big bulky guy who looked like he could possibly be a wrestler. The second was about the same height as me, about 6 foot 2 inches and seemed like an ordinary guy.  Not to strong or weak, about the same as I was. The third guy looked small and insignificant, about 5 foot 5 inches and the last looked like the leader of the pack.  He was giving silent orders through his eyes and head actions and non-verbal movements to the others even though he never really said a word that I understood.  They jumped me, 'threw' me in their van and took off in it leaving behind a sound of tires screeching, a pile of smoke and a few near misses from the other cars because I could hear thei rhorns honking then they knocked me out.

When I woke up to a young lady, she was there looking at me as if she was quite interested in something.  She seemed to make up her mind about something, smiled then she said,  “Hello.  My name is Rachel McIsaac.  I am dying with a brain tumor.  My brain is going to die no matter what happens I know this and I have accepted it.  A little over two years ago my Father died. His name was Joseph McIsaac.  He died of a brain tumor like I am dying of.  It almost killed my mum.  I can’t allow that to happen to her again.

“I have to do what I can to help her.  What would you suggest?  I can accept dying,but the problem I have is knowing that it will probably kill her.”

I looked at her, thought before I asked “how are you supposed to help her?  You know you are going to die.  It is not like there is anything I can do, is there?  I could offer a prayer of healing if that is what you want.”

She replied “I don't think that healing is an option at this point.  I am too far gone, but have you heard about what that doctor is able to do?  I am talking about that surgeon who can offer the Brain Transplants.”

I frowned, before I said “I heard about that on the news, Brian Adams I believe his name is, if I am not mistaken, but I am not too sure that would be your best bet.  I believe it is best to be honest.  If someone else's brain is inyour body that will cause another load of problems won't it?  Your mother will need to learn the new personality, will need to learn the new likes and dislikes. We cant forget about the history that the new mind will bring into your body.”

She thought about that and replied, “OK, you’re right.  I need to be honest.  Especially to you, but not just yet.  I think it is time you went back to sleep and try not to be too shocked when you wake up, and don’t hurt yourself please.”

I frowned because that statement made very little sense but before I could ask about what she meant, I fell asleep again because of the drugs.

When I woke up again, it was about six weeks based on the calender in my room.  It said it was February 2011.  I was in a hospital bed when a doctor came in and smiled at me.  “Finally, you are awake, Rachel.  Your mother wanted to see you, but I told her that she has to wait until you are properly awake.  We can't have her stressing you out now can we?  Now you can’t talk yet and I know you are confused however you are home again in Seattle hospital.”

I was shocked.  What was I doing in Seattle?  What was I doing inWashington State?  What was I doing in America?  Why did he just call meRachel?  But I couldn't talk or move.  I was stuck here in my mind.

About four days later I finally managed to sit up in the hospital bed, the calender was still on February 2011, but I felt different somehow, wrong.  I could not put it together.  It made no sense as to why I would feel so different in such a short period of time.  I felt shorter, which seemed weird to me, so I got up to go to the bathroom.

When I went into the bathroom I realized to my astonishment that I was in the body of the same female that I met while I was in hospital.  The same female I talked to when I was kidnapped.  I was shocked, I decided to go to the mirror to confirm whether or not I was correct.  So I looked at my reflection and fainted.

I woke up another week later, in March this time and thought it was a dream.  So I sat up and looked at the doctor and smiled.