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Diane D: The Musical Drama By Doris Miller
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Diane D, The Musical Drama By Doris Miller
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The first book of the series DIANE D.

A musical drama and psychological thriller about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization.  The story involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family.  The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity, and involves fistfights, violent tempers, arrests, superhuman strength, jail time, hospitalizations and mental illness.

The lead character is a young, gorgeous, sexy, attractive, half-black/half-Dominican female named Diane Denise Brown also known as Diane D.  She is around 24 years old.  She was born in the Dominican Republic.  She now lives in New York with her family and is married to Michael, a handsome black man from New York.  

She is a professional gymnast, a professional dancer, tap dancer and a singer.  She is also a personal trainer and has some background skills in the martial arts.   She is a very athletic person.  She also works in a hospital.  In her spare time, she rides motorcycles with her Jamaican cousin Dana of ‘DANGEROUS DANA‘.  

Diane D’s parents, Mary and Barry along with Mary’s parents, Margarita and Tomas, own and run a Charity and Entertainment Organization, which was started by Margarita and Tomas back in the Dominican Republic.  Diane D sings and dances on stage for her parents and grandparents’ Organization.  Her two brothers Nicolas and Mickey sing and play guitars, and her husband Michael is the leader of a band that plays for the organization.

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Inside The Organization

It is Friday 12:00 noon. Inside a hospital hallway, several black senior citizen ladies are standing around talking and laughing with a senior black gentleman.

Inside one of the hospital rooms Diane D who is dressed in a white turtleneck shirt, gray dungarees and black shoes stands and leans against a wall near Mrs. Mosley, an elderly black woman who’s in a wheel chair. Diane D pours some pills in a small cup. Diane D, in her deep baritone voice, speaks firmly to Mrs. Mosley and says, “Come on now Mrs. Mosley, you have to take your medication.”

“Oh no, do I have to take that thing again?” Mrs. Mosley says. “It tastes horrible.”

“Well you have to take the medication in order to get well.”

Diane D’s husband Michael comes into the room and quickly approaches her. “Diane, we just got a phone call from the shelter across the street,” he says. “One of the children over there Eric was climbing on a ladder and fell off of it!”

“What!” Diane D says.

“Yeah! So we brought him to the emergency room right away!”

“You did? So Eric is here in this hospital now?”

“Yeah. Your family is down in the emergency room with Eric right now!”

“Okay.” Diane D turns to Mrs. Mosley. She bends down to Mrs. Mosley and says, “Mrs. Mosley, there’s been an accident at the shelter. My family brought the victim here to the emergency room. I have to get down there right now. I’ll let you slide with your medication this time, but when I get back up here, I want you to take your medication and not give me a hard time, alright?”

“Okay Miss Diane,” Mrs. Mosley says.

“Good.” Diane D stands back up. She turns to Michael and says, “Come on Michael let’s go.” Diane D hurries towards the doorway as Michael hurries behind her.

Inside the emergency room, Eric, a little black boy around 4-years old is laying on the table crying and screaming as Michael approaches with Diane D right beside him. Diane D‘s grandparents Margarita and Tomas and some organization members tend to Eric with a heavy crowd surrounding them.

“Are the doctors on their way?” Michael asks

Margarita who speaks with a Dominican accent says, “Yes the doctors are on their way Michael.”

Tomas who also speaks with a Dominican accent says, “They should be here any minute now.”

Margarita comforts Eric and says, “Okay Eric, it’s gonna be alright. Just hang in there, okay? The doctors are coming to get you.”

Diane D’s father Barry, her older brother Nicolas and her younger brother Mickey suddenly burst into the emergency room with two orderlies and a stretcher as Diane D’s mother Mary comes in behind them.

“Step right this way!” Barry shouts. “Clear out of the way everybody!” Everybody clears out of the way as Barry and the two orderlies head to Eric. The orderlies approach Eric and lift him up. They lay him on the stretcher and strap him in. Barry and the orderlies hurry out of the room with Eric in the stretcher as Diane D, Michael, Nicloas, Mickey, Mary, Margarita and Tomas stay behind looking on.

Inside the shelter that evening, Diane D is sitting on a stool as Michael, Margarita, Tomas, Mary, Marilyn and Tonio surround her talking. Barry, Nicolas and Mickey come in the door and approach everybody.

“How’s Eric doing?” Margarita asks.

“Oh Eric is gonna be fine Mom,” Barry says. “He didn’t suffer any life threatening injuries, but the hospital is gonna keep him there overnight so they can keep an eye on his condition.”

“Oh that’s good. Did his mother arrive there?”

“Yeah, his mother is with him now.”

“Okay good.”

It is a week later. Inside a long two story building, is the Diaz-Davidson Organization. In the hallway, around twenty-five teen and pre-teen white, Hispanic and black boys, including two 12-year old identical twin brothers Mike and Mitch are walking down the hallway with sodas and drinks in their hands being very loud and rowdy as they chit-chat and laugh. They go into a door on the side and go into a room.

The young teen boys, including Mike and Mitch enter into a large luxury room. There is another large group of twenty-five pre-teen boys and a large crowd of people in the room. Altogether there are 250 people in the room. It is the entire Diaz-Davidson Organization, which includes black, white, Hispanic and Asian teens and adults. They are all sitting down facing the front of the room where Diane D’s parents and grandparents Mary, Margarita, Barry and Tomas are as Mary and Margarita stand behind a long table with Barry and Tomas standing beside them.

Mike, Mitch and several other boys go to the front of the crowd. They turn around and sit down facing Mary, Margarita, Barry and Tomas. Mary who also speaks with a Dominican accent starts to shout to everyone, “Okay okay now listen up everybody!” The entire crowd listens to Mary as Mary shouts, “We’re gonna start the meeting in a little while!”

“That‘s right everyone,” Margarita says. “When we start the meeting, we’re gonna talk about the show we have to do tomorrow night.” Everyone shouts and cheers as Margarita says, “So in the mean time, you all can just relax!”

Mary turns and leaves the table as Barry follows behind her. She goes to the side of the room and approaches Diane D who is sitting on a stool near a large window with her elbows resting on her lap and chin resting on her hands surrounded by Michael, Nicolas, Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Tonio and Mickey. “Diane, are you and the girls ready to perform at the club tomorrow night?” Mary asks.

“Yeah we’re ready Mom,” Diane D says.

“Good, because I’m gonna pick out your costumes later on.”

“You are? Oh Mom, I hope you don’t pick those tacky costumes I told you the girls and I don’t like.”

“Yes I’m gonna pick those costumes Diane. You and the girls are gonna wear those costume tomorrow night.”

“But Mom….”

“No buts about it Diane. My mind is made up.” Mary turns away as Diane D becomes frustrated. Diane D looks at her father Barry as Barry looks back at her. Mary says to Nicolas and Mickey, “Y usted dos? Estas dos preparada para su rendimiento manana?”

“Si, estamos listos Mama,” Nicolas says.

“Buena. Ya he comprado su vestuario.”

“En serio?”

“Si, lo hice.” Mary turns to Michael and says, “I have your costume too Michael, and the band members. You’re gonna have the band ready tomorrow night, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll have the band ready Mom,” says Michael.


Margarita comes from around the table. She goes to the side of the room and approaches Diane D also and says, “Diane, how is that patient Mrs. Mosley doing? Did you give her some medication yet?”

“No I didn’t get a chance to Grandma,” Diane D says.

“What? Mrs. Mosley didn’t take her medication yet?”

“No. I was gonna give it to her before, but she refuses to take it. She claims she doesn’t like the taste of it.”

“Well she has to take that medication whether she likes the taste of it or not.”

“I was going to go back to her and give her the medication after I left the emergency room with you guys, but I didn’t get the chance to go back to her.”

“You didn’t go back to her?”

“No I didn’t.”

“That’s okay Diane,” Mary says. “I’ll go to the hospital to make sure Mrs. Mosley takes her medication.” Mary turns and is about to walk away.

Barry puts his arm out in front of Mary and stops her as he tells her, “No, that’s okay Mary. I’ll go give Mrs. Mosley her medication. I don’t want you trying to shove that medication down Mrs. Mosley’s throat like you did before. I’ll go.”

“I’ll go with you Dad,” Nicolas says.

“Okay Nicolas come on.” Barry and Nicolas turn and head towards the doorway.

Diane D sits frustrated on the stool with her elbows still resting on her lap and chin resting on her hands. Margarita looks at Diane D and says, “You still upset about the outfits Diane?”

“Yes Grandma,” Diane D says. “I am.”

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay.” Margarita gently squeezes Diane D’s hands. She then turns to Mary and asks, “Quieres ir a la cocina ahora antes de que comience la reunion?”

“Si supongo que asi,” Mary says. “Que hora es?” Mary and Margarita look at their watches.

“Hm!” Margarita says. “Solo las dos y media.” Margarita then looks at Mary and says, “Tenemos tiempo para pasar por la oficina muy rapido para obtener los papeles.”

“Okay,” Mary says as she and Margarita turn around and head back to the table.

Mary and Margarita stand behind the table again. They turn to everyone again as Mary claps her hands and shouts, “Okay, now listen up everybody!” The entire crowd listens to Mary as Mary shouts, “Barry and Nicolas had to step away to the hospital real quick to take care of something!”