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Music at the Garden House By Patricia le Roy
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Genre/Category: Thriller, General & Literary Fiction
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Music at the Garden House By Patricia le Roy
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When Katharine answers her London doorbell one summer morning, she finds Axel, her old lover from Moscow, standing on the doorstep.  It's ten years since he disappeared without a word of explanation. Now he he has come to ask for her help.  It's July 1990, the Berlin Wall is down, German reunification is the hot topic of the day.  But Axel knows dangerous secrets, and the KGB is hard on his trail.

Katharine has no desire to help him, but she can't refuse.  Reluctantly, she helps Axel escape to France. Twenty-four hours later, the KGB catch up with them.  The encounter ends with a body on the floor at midnight.  Katharine finds herself driving Axel across first France, then Germany.  He claims he is heading for Moscow - but then it turns out he really has to go to Prague.

During their flight across Europe, the old passion revives. Listening to music at Goethe's Garden House, Axel and Katharine realize they still love each other despite the years of separation.  But then Katharine discovers that Axel has been lying to her since the moment they met, and Axel sees that his life has gone so badly wrong he may never get it right again.

Music at the Garden House was conceived as the second part of a Soviet trilogy exploring the moral compromises forced on the individual in a police state. The first book in the series is The Angels of Russia and the third is Café Maracanda.

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