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The English Teachers By Amaris Ricci
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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The English Teachers By Amaris Ricci
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Five highly trained assassins decided that England was getting claustrophobic and they had made enough money. They were already filthy rich and not only from working but Infinity was born with two gold spoons in his mouth. Both his parents were rich and upon their death a few years back, he inherited billions. What they really wanted to do was share their skills. So they retired and moved to Barbados, bought and old estate, fixed it up and created – TESOA – (The English School of Assassins). Of course they never told anyone what it stood for so people just assumed it was someone’s name. They contacted the local authorities and gave notification that the school’s program was designed to reform rogue children.

After five successful years, things start to go very wrong. A video turns up on Infinity’s desk and all the wrong doings he had ever done, came full circle and landed in his lap.

Would he find out who was the snitch? Would the woman in the video forgive him for the life that he led? Would the woman he secretly loved now, ever tell him that she feels the same and that she is carrying his child? Apparently Death isn’t the only challenge TESOA faces. 

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The school's motto was - Sed Provocatio Est In Morte – “Death is but a Challenge”. They were five sections, each one taught by a different teacher.

Ellipsis was in charge of fine arts, wine, etiquette and fashion.  Tilde a mechanic at heart taught all about cars, bikes, boats, trucks, planes, buses anything with an engine. Caret enveloped the students in a foray of Martial Arts, cuisine and games such as chess, cricket and volleyball. Hash took charge of dance, fitness, cosmetology and aesthetics.  Infinity, Head Honcho, Principal of sorts, man with the most money, brains, balls and anything else you could think of, didn’t just teach, he infiltrated and converted the minds of the students in pathology, physics, chemistry, mortality, psychology and weaponry.

They bought a small hotel and used it to provide hands-on experience for the students. The College itself stood on vast lands. There were two separate stables, a shooting range, mini casino outfitted with a pool table, 72in flat screen with Blu-ray and Bose surround. There was an Olympic sized swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court and a training arena for contact sport. There was also a race track and polo field and mini golf course. Only two females and three males will reach level five. These will be trained to be assassins and in five years take over the running of the school under the guidance of the other teachers. Each student had to pick one of five subjects – Accounts, Marketing, Human Resources, Office Procedures and Business Management. This would determine what sector they would control. There were rules to follow and anyone breaking them get up to four chances in 4 years. One particular student was quick tempered and got into a fight on the first day. Infinity decided he was to be taught a lesson he would never forget. Caret took him on one of his grueling cross-country hikes. Eleven parishes in 11days. Minimum food and water and they slept outdoors. When they returned Jason was as timid as a mouse.

- - - - -

Life has a funny way of teaching you a lesson. Some people believe in Karma, Fate, Payback or whatever and most times the end result is the same. What you do today will most likely affect you tomorrow or in Infinity’s case, 15 years later. Imagine sitting at your desk and one of your colleagues brings you a package from the post office. He puts it on the desk with an odd look on his face.

“You know whatever in that package is not going to be good Infinity, so prepare yourself.”

Hash turns and leaves, locking the door behind him. Infinity takes a deep breath and opened the brown envelope. A DVD with no label and a note - “Only in the eyes of love you can find infinity.” 

Not feeling the slightest bit perturbed, Infinity loaded the disc into his laptop. Windows Media Player popped up and the video started. There are times in life when the most reserved man will lose his cool. He will witness something so devastating, that nothing will seem real, the world will cease and he will plunge into an everlasting well of emotional darkness and torture. The sceneunravelling in the video was more than Infinity could handle but to find out why it happened he needed to see it to the end. A girl was tied spread eagle to a four poster bed. A hooded man walked up to the bed and whispered something in her ear and she began screaming. He took his pants off and lay between her legs. He spit on his hand, rubbed himself and without a care for the girl, he shoved himself inside her. She screamed again and the man remained calm. Then, he just got up, put on his pants and left the view of the camera. Six naked men wearing black hoods came into the room and one by one they proceeded to violate the girl. This went on for half an hour and by the third man the girl was almost unconscious. She no longer screamed for them to stop, no longer moved her head from side to side, no sound, no movement except for her eyes. Just as the last man was removing himself from her body, the camera zoomed in on her face. It was at that point Infinity knew who she was. His daughter. Twenty-two years old, barely knew her father but he kept a file with everything about her. He had watched her grow up from a distance because he thought it would keep her safe. He loved her mother and she knew what he was and had decided to keep the baby.

“Do you love me Fin?”

“Always Shen, you know that. What’s wrong?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m keeping her.”

“I can’t stay here, you know that but I will make sure you have everything you need. If you need to contact me, send a letter to our family Attorney, he will get the information to me. I’m sorry I put you in this position.”

“She was created out of our love, don’t be sorry. I knew what you were when we met and I know you weren’t just using me. You have shown me so much love and I will pass that on to our daughter.”

“How do you know it’s a girl?”