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Diane D: In The Headlines By Doris Miller
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Genre/Category: Thriller, Mystery & Supernatural
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Diane D: In The Headlines By Doris Miller
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The second book of the series DIANE D.

This is a sequel to Diane D The Musical Drama, a Suspense Thriller.  It is a suspense, drama, psychological thriller about a family owned Charity and Entertainment Organization.

The story involves 3 generations of the Diaz-Davidson family.  The family's Charity and Entertainment Organization performs shows around the country and the world to raise money for charity. 

Diane D In The Headlines involves headline and article scandals, sniper shootings, highway shootings, road rage, drunk driving arrests, weapons possession charges, fist fights, attacks, highway car chasings, motorcycle chasings, paralyzations, miscarriages, abortions, suicide, mental illness, split personalities, eerie spirit possessions and the supernatural.  It also involves Diane D and her deranged and dangerous cousin Dana, of DANGEROUS DANA a Suspense Thriller, being tossed and thrown behind bars together!

This story also involves a newspaper reporter and Dana getting into a heated argument and physical altercation outside a Banquet Hall over what the newspaper reporter threatens to write about Diane D!  

What's more, the story also involves three female police officers being beat up, attacked and injured on two separate occasions by Dana.  Dana is soon tossed and thrown behind bars again for assaulting the female police officers.  All three female officers are forced to quit and resign from the police force because of the injuries they suffered.  

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It is late at night around 1:00 in the morning. Street cameras in Queens and Long Island, NY are being shot down by a mysterious sniper. Police cars are on the scene. Several policemen are standing around looking down at a street camera that has been shot down. “So far, four street cameras had been shot down already!” a male white police officer says.

“You still don't have any clue who's shooting down these street cameras?” an older male white detective says.

“No. All we know is that somebody is going around shooting these street cameras down with a high powered rifle! We have no idea who's doing this or why. Thank God no one has been hurt by these fallen street cameras! So far it's gonna cost the city thousands of dollars in damages!” The officer and the detective continue to look down and around the shot down street camera.

A few miles away, two male white police officers, Officer Silvers and Officer Monroe, are sitting inside their patrol car. They suddenly spot a car a couple of blocks away wobbling and swerving down the street. “That car is wobbling over there,” Officer Silvers says as he sits behind the wheel.

“Yeah I see,” Officer Monroe says. The officers then see the car ride right into some bushes. “It just rode right into some bushes,” Officer Monroe says.

“Let's go check it out.” The police officers put on their sirens and start to go after the car.

A dark blue car pulls out of the bushes, then wobbles and swerves down the street. The police car hurries after the dark blue car! The dark blue car continues to wobble and swerve down the street. The police car soon catches up to the dark blue car. “Pull over to the right!” a voice from the police car blow horn shouts. The dark blue car continues to wobble. “Pull over to the right!” a voice from the police car blow horn shouts again. The dark blue car slowly pulls over to the right and stops. The police car pulls over and stops behind the dark blue car. Officer Silvers and Officer Monroe come out of the police car.

Inside the dark blue car, Diane D sits in the driver's seat looking sweaty and dreary as she looks in the rearview mirror with her cousin Dana sitting in the passenger seat looking sweaty and dreary also as she has her head turned facing the rear window, looking at the officers.

Officer Silvers approaches the dark blue car on the driver's side while Officer Monroe approaches the dark blue car on the passenger side. Officer Silvers stands on the driver’s side of the dark blue car. He looks at Diane D. He then asks, “Are you okay Miss?” Diane D gives a dreary look at Officer Silvers. Officer Silvers looks further into the car and sees Dana. He looks back at Diane D and says, “Miss, I asked are you okay. Do you realize how you were driving?” Diane D rolls her eyes away from Officer Silvers and holds her head down on the steering wheel. Officer Silvers then says, “Miss, you don't seem fit to be driving. I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car.” Officer Silvers looks further into the car at Dana again and says to her, “I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car too Miss. Both of you step out of the car.” Diane D and Dana open their side of the door and slowly step out of the vehicle. Officer Silvers looks at Diane D’s face. He recognizes her and says, “Hey, I know you! You're Diane D, aren't you?”

“Yes I am,” Diane D says.

“Wow. Who's the lady with you?”

“That's my cousin Dana.”

“Your cousin Dana?”


“Wow Diane D. Weren’t you sent away Upstate to a Mental Institution for beating up that little kid inside an elementary school?”

“Yes as a matter of fact, they did put me away for that.”

“So what are you doing out here on the streets? You didn’t escape from the Mental Institution, with a little help from your cousin, did you?”

“No I did not escape from the Mental Institution! I served my time up there and they let me out!”

“They did?”

“Yes they did!”

“How long were you out?”

“I came out a few months ago.”

“You did?”

“Yes I did.”

“I didn’t hear about it.”

“What? What do you mean you didn’t hear about it? Were you supposed to hear about it?”

“Well, when you first got sent to the Mental Institution, everyone heard and read about it. It’s just that I thought whenever you came out of the Mental Institution, everyone would hear and be warned about that also.”

“Everyone would hear and be warned about that?”


“Why would everyone have to know or be warned when I come out? Everybody does not have to know every damn move I make Officer.”

“No I guess not. By the way, I smell liquor on you Diane D. Were you drinking?”

“No I wasn't.”

“How about you cousin here?” Officer Monroe says. He looks at Dana and says, “Were you drinking Miss?”

“No I wasn't,” Dana says.

“Yes you were. I smell alcohol on you.”

“Miss Diane D,” Officer Silvers says. “You know it's against the law to be drinking and driving?”

“We weren't drinking Officer,” Diane D says.

“Don't play games with me. I'm gonna have to ask you two to step over here.”


“Don't ask questions Miss, just do as I say. Step over this way.” Officer Silvers looks at Dana and says, “You too miss. Step over here.” Diane D and Dana look at Officer Silvers. They slowly step to the side near each other. Officer Silvers then says, “I'm going to search your vehicle to see if I see any liquor in there.”

“What!” Dana shouts. She becomes hysterical. She is about to head towards the car but Diane D pulls her back. Dana shouts to Officer Silvers, “You can't search our vehicle Officer! There's no liquor in there!”

“I'll believe it if I don't see it! Just step back over there Miss!” Officer Silvers goes into the car and takes the keys out of the ignition as Officer Monroe stand on the side guarding Diane D and Dana. Officer Silvers holds a flashlight inside the car interior looking around it. He comes out of the car. He turns to Officer Monroe and says, “I don't see anything in there.”

“No?” Officer Monroe says. “Check the trunk.”

Dana becomes hysterical again. She is about to head towards the trunk but Diane D pulls her back again. Dana shouts to the officers, “There's nothing in the trunk Officers! You don't need to go in there!”

“Let me be the judge of that Miss,” Officer Silvers says. “Just stay back, alright!”

Diane D holds onto Dana as Officer Silvers goes to the trunk with the car keys. Officer Silvers unlocks the trunk. Dana is about to head for the trunk again, but Diane D pulls Dana back again and says to her, “Let him check the trunk Dana! We have nothing to hide. Let him check the trunk.” Dana glares at Diane D as Diane D turns to Officer Silvers and shouts, “Go ahead and check the trunk Officer!”

“Diane!” Dana shouts.