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Diane D and The Other Personality
By Doris Miller

Genre/Category: Thriller, Mystery & Supernatural
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Diane D And The Other Personality. By Doris Miller
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The third book of the series DIANE D.

Diane D's cousin Nancy who is also one of her back-up singers and dancers has an eerie encounter with Diane D's other personality late one night inside their family's home in Northern Westchester, New York.  When Nancy approaches Diane D in the dark hallway outside their family's bedrooms, Diane D slowly turns around towards Nancy.  Nancy becomes startled by Diane D's strange facial appearance.  Nancy then speaks to Diane D wondering why Diane D never came back in the other bedroom.  Nancy becomes frightened by Diane D's strange behavior and what she said to her.  As Diane D turns back around and walks away, Nancy frighteningly stares at her.  Nancy then turns away and rushes to get the rest of the family screaming and banging on all their bedroom doors!   It is later discovered that Diane D has no memory of running into her cousin Nancy in the hallway nor remembers the strange encounter she had with Nancy.

Several days later, two doctors have Diane D under hypnosis inside a large room at a hospital as she lays on her back on a psychiatrist couch with her hands folded over her chest and her eyes completely shut.  Diane D's family is shocked and devastated seeing her body wrapped in chains and chained to the couch with handcuffs and chains on her wrists and shackles and chains on her feet as she lays under hypnosis.

Diane D's family sit in the back corner of the room and watch the doctors try to bring her other personality out.  The doctors then succeed in bringing Diane D's other personality out to the surface.  Nancy becomes frightened and decides to leave the room telling the family that she does not want to encounter the other personality again.  She nervously and quietly rushes out the back door.  The doctors then speak to Diane D's other personality and question her other personality as her other personality speaks back to them answering their questions.  Diane D's family is shocked as they constantly hear Diane D speaking of herself in the third person.  They feel like they're seeing Diane D talking, but hearing someone else speaking.

The doctors question Diane D's other personality about the encounter with her cousin Nancy inside their family's home.  Diane D's other personality admits that it did have an encounter with her cousin Nancy inside their family's home that night.  Diane D's family shockingly hear Diane D's other personality admit to a lot of things that happened in Diane D's past.  They listen to other shocking statements made by Diane D's other personality.  Then they shockingly hear Diane D's other personality admit to a lot of other things that happened way, way in the past, many, many years before Diane D herself was even born!  

As the doctors finish speaking to Diane D's other personality, Dr. Stone the lead doctor gives Diane D's other personality a harsh lecture.  Diane D's other personality becomes angry.  It then threatens the doctor!  Her other personality then goes berserk and tries to break loose from the chains as the doctors and Diane D's family watch in fear!  Dr. Stone tries to send Diane D's other personality back under the surface, but her other personality refuses to go back under!  Diane D's other personality suddenly gets superhuman strength and breaks loose from some of the chains and shackles making a loud crash sound as the doctors and Diane D's family scream in horror!  Dr. Stone desperately tries to send Diane D's other personality back under again as her other personality tries to break loose from the other chains!  Diane D's other personality gets superhuman strength again and breaks loose from more of the chains and one of the cuffs making a loud crash sound again as the doctors and Diane D's family scream in horror again!  There is only one more chain and cuff left that Diane D's other personality is still hooked and attached to as her other personality starts to become violent and goes after the doctors!  The doctors have no choice but to turn and run for their lives! 

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