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The Angels of Russia By Patricia le Roy
Music at the Garden House By Patricia le Roy
Café Maracanda By Patricia le Roy
More Short Fuses By Stephen Leather
Blood Bath By Stephen Leather
Glock Smoke: A Derrick Olin Anthology. By Stellen Qxz
A Bad Hair Day By Peter C Byrnes
Rough Justice By Peter C Byrnes
Will You Still Love Me To-morrow? By Peter C Byrnes
A Bad Batch By Peter C Byrnes.
The Helpful Neighbour By Peter C Byrnes.
Bad for Business By Peter C Byrnes
No White Flag By Peter C Byrnes
A Tough Life By Peter C Byrnes
The Innocent Don't Run By Peter C Byrnes
A Place for Everything By Peter C Byrnes
Tendrils By Peter C Byrnes
A Legacy of Sins Past By Peter C Byrnes
Big Lizard. By Hank Johnson
Stupid in Taos By Hank Johnson
Sneeze by Hank Johnson
The Way By Hank Johnson
The Prettiest Girl in an Ugly Town - Hank Johnson
I Love You But I Don't Know Your Name - Hank Johnson
Choices and Consequences By Peter C Byrnes
Living is Risky; Death Guaranteed By Peter C Byrnes
An Economic Solution By Peter C Byrnes
Not Worth the Paper it's Written On! By Peter C Byrnes
Moor Park By John M Upton
Westminster By John M Upton

A taste of Don't Call Me Baby, a mystery by Betty Byers: They were lying side by side on the bed which was covered in blood. I was rooted to the doorway, silent, unable to process the horror of the scene in front of me. Pam was staring up at the ceiling a huge gaping cut in her throat. In her hand was a cut-throat razor. I thought I would have screamed at seeing something like that, but I couldn't get any noise out of my mouth. It was open, but no sound would come and I was shaking from head to foot. It was all I could do to stay upright and fight the overwhelming need to vomit from the smell of blood.