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Dubai By Charles Coiro
In the Shadow of Stone. By Rob Kaufman
One Last Lie. By Rob Kaufman
A Lonely Way to Die By Peter Byrnes
Dare to be Different By Peter C Byrnes
Worked to Death - Peter C Byrnes
Vengeful Thoughts can sour the Soul - Peter Byrnes
Evidence from a bush Grave - Peter Byrnes
Undue Force By Peter Byrnes
Terror Has Many Faces - Peter C Byrnes

Here's a snippet from Embankment, book 7 in John M Upton's Security Novels series: 'A few minutes later the patrol vessel slowed for the approach to Embankment Pier, just short of Westminster where on the north bank, Gerry and the Captain could see the blue flashing lights of a Security Service patrol car parked adjacent to the embankment wall and a couple of uniformed officers from the Metropolitan Division casting torches over the surface of the water clearly in search of something. Twenty minutes later, he was stood on a railway station platform waiting for a train up to London.