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Payback By Eve Rabi
Burn's World: A Love Triangle - Eve Rabi
Gringa: The Beast of Mexico - Eve Rabi
Gringa: Taming the Beast - Eve Rabi
Lethal Discoveries. By Erica Pensini
The Farm Gate. By Peter C Byrnes
The Traveller - Duncan James
The Memory Man: T14 Book 1 - Marcus Freestone
What Price Freedom - Peter Byrnes
In the Forest of Light and Dark - Mark Kasniak
Shoot to Kill - Peter C Byrnes
A Fatal High By Peter C Byrnes
Brainrush. By Richard Bard
Gifted. By Richard Bard
The Missing Link. By Erica Pensini
Saving Rose Green. By Richard Shekari
Life's a Lottery By Peter Byrnes
Marley Was Dead: A Christmas Carol Mystery. By Lenny Everson
Right of Ownership By Peter C Byrnes
So Shall Ye Reap. By Peter C Byrnes
Broken Dreams; Payback Schemes. By Peter C Byrnes
All Hope Lost. By Peter C Byrnes
Bethnal Green. By John M Upton
The Emerald Buddha. By Mike J Dixon
Ghost Riders. By Peter C Byrnes
Fire Games. By Mark Stewart
The Missing Miss Mori. By Mike Dixon
A Bad Seed. By Peter C Byrnes
John Death. By Richard Shekari
The broken wings of forgiveness By Richard Shekari

A few words to give you a taste of The Farm Gate, book 29 in Peter C Byrnes' Murder Squad series: 'We stepped from the shade of the veranda and headed for the protection of the large 4WD cop vehicle. It diesel engine had been chugging over while we had been inside the house. The A/C keeping the interior cool. We were accompanied by a horde of flies as though they too, wanted some relief in the air-conditioned interior of the vehicle. It was a bit of a trick to leave them outside, slamming the doors shut before the majority gained entry.'