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The Quantum Mantra. By Henri-Paul Bour
Clock Zero: I'm not my social feed. By Nawar Alsaadi
Darkness Risen-The Torcher. By Richard Shekari
The Unifier. By Richard Shekari
A Quiet Place of One's Own. By Paul Hawkins
Hashim Khail and Keeper of the Gates. By Richard Shekari
The Testimony. By Richard Shekari
Devil in the Countryside. By Cory Barclay
The Vintage Club. By Darin Gibby
Satan's Gene. By Ken Donald
A Place to call Home. By Peter C Byrnes
The Invisible Drone. By Mike Dixon
The Blue Sapphire. By Peter C Byrnes
Safe Contents. By Peter C Byrnes
An Individual Will. By By J.G. Ellis
Violent Death is not a Curable Disease. By Peter Byrnes
Diane D And The Other Personality. By Doris Miller
Who is Taking Care of the Little Ones? By Peter C Byrnes
Extreme Prejudice. By Stellen Qxz
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Excerpt from Ken Donald's novel, Satan's Gene: 'Detective Inspector William Jones resented the fact that he felt out of place, because he was not. Besides the skipper, he reckoned he was the only Welsh native on the boat. Admittedly the hot weather made him appear a tad overdressed in his suit and tie, but he was on duty and he had little choice. At least he’d chosen to travel on one of the ferries transporting holidaymakers to the island, which was more than could be said for the arrogant pricks he was forced to work with from the American Secret Service.'