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Hainault by John M. Upton
Holborn by John M. Upton
Waterloo by John M. Upton
The Retreat by Ross Malde
Rogue Avenger by John R Monteith
Mind + Body by Aaron Dunlap
The Oblivion Evangelist by Dolly Sen
Storm by William Badke
Dead Love by Russell Truran
The Butcher Shop by Neil Austin
Acts of the Apostles by John F. X. Sundman
Playtime by John R Morgan
The Controller - Covenant by Jerry Bruce
The Controller - Obsession by Jerry Bruce
Spireclaw by Huw Langridge
Lucius the Club by Michael Allen
Father Figure by Ralph Robert Moore
Murder in the Grand Manor by Tom Hoke
Premeditation by Albert Da Silva
The Fey by Claudia Hall Christian
Darkness Risen-The Torcher. By Richard Shekari
The Desert has no King - Frederiko Aguilar
Murder at Summerset by E. A. St. Amant
Close to Nowhere By Tom Lichtenberg
Imagination: The Night Before by Russell Truran
Ravaging Myths by Frederick Marshall Brown
Scalp Bounty by Frederick Marshall Brown
The Lost Symbol + Devil´s Bible by Richard Stan Brown
Regent by Amanda Shepherd

A snippet from Stephen Leather's Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish: 'Suppose it could be fired through an open window or through a hole drilled into the door. Or a knife thrower in a room opposite the building who throws a knife through an open window but has it tied to a length of string so that he can pull the weapon back. It thus appears that the killer was inside the room when in fact he was outside all the time.' 'But the windows are sealed and there are no holes in the door, and besides the main door opens into the sitting room, there is another door off that to the bedroom...