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Change of Heart by Jack Allen
Compulsive by Stellen Qxz
Criminal by Stellen Qxz
Inactive by Stellen Qxz
Vicious by Stellen Qxz
Deadline by Stellen Qxz
Extraction by Stellen Qxz
Purity by Stellen Qxz
Reciprocity by Stellen Qxz
Blackball by Stellen Qxz
Retrograde by Stellen Qxz
Fearless by Stellen Qxz
Dead Man Below Deck by J.E. Rohrer
Dead Man to Starboard by J.E. Rohrer
Mrs. Radcliff's Revenge by Don Lewis Wireman, Sr.
Payback by Peter Barns
Alex Hollick: Origins By Andrew Downs
The Part-Time People by Tom Lichtenberg
Squatter with a Lexus by Tom Lichtenberg
Somebody Somewhere by Tom Lichtenberg
K2 - Inheritance by Geoff Wolak
K2 - Assault by Geoff Wolak
K2 - Revenge by Geoff Wolak
K2 - Nazi Gold by Geoff Wolak
K2 - Endurance by Geoff Wolak
K2 - Crucifix by Geoff Wolak
One Fall by Spencer Baum
The Turtle Eggs by Bill Adams

Excerpt from Change of Heart By Jack Allen: 'It started with a phone call. Walt Bergene held his wife’s hand. They waited together by the sign with the words: Please Wait To Be Seated, inside the doorway of Rottelli’s, just six blocks from the White House. Walt was six foot five with wispy, receding black hair and a mustache. Miriam, his wife, was a petite woman with hazel eyes and auburn hair. Walt’s cell phone rang the moment the waiter set a steaming platter of pasta in front of him. His big, hungry grin fell and he avoided his wife’s eyes as he fished the small phone from his pocket. “Yeah?” he said.'