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The Hero by Kenneth C. Crowe
Independence Day, Book One: The Beginnings by Bex Aaron
Death on a Rocky Little Island by Lenny Everson
The Peaceful Night by Harry F. Smith
One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington
One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington
The Enemy Stalks by Betty Sullivan La Pierre
Skull Dance by Gerd Balke
VL-45 by Max M. Power
Tarnished Idols by Susan Schoeffield
Bettkasten by J. Albert Rorabacher
End Game by Roger Bainbridge
Coach by Walt Sautter
The Three Dollar Phoenix by Walt Sautter
Fish Farm by Walt Sautter
Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells
The Bell Rock Mystery by Neil Wesson
Rice Tea by Julien McArdle
Kundalini Awakens Zeballos by Mallory Wilkins
Loyalty Test by Paul Coulter
Are You Positive? by Stephen Davis
The Exchange by Claudia Nicholl
Motor City Cobra by Nik Edge
Fighting The Mob by Max M. Power
48 Hours by Claudia Nicholl
Enemy of Freedom by Paul Coulter
Sabrina, Sabrina by Tom Baker
Color Me Murder - Sin City by Jerry Bruce
Opposite Poles by Nik Edge
Watershed by C. C. Phillips

A passage from thriller, Rice Tea by Julien McArdle: 'Things were getting frantic at RCMP headquarters. What began as a single media request had soon spun out of control. It was as if all the nation's media outlets had decided in unison that this story about homegrown hackers would be front page news. The story was already a big hit on the Internet, with rumours of busts spreading all over the digital underground. That this was a story about Canadian bad guys didn't help matters as such news items were always popular with the country's media...