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Crime Stories, Thriller Books, Mystery Books

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Last of the Good Guys by Mark Irwin
Cashback by Duncan James
Their Own Game by Duncan James
Motorbike Men by Duncan James
Spy People by Duncan James
SHED by Jason McIntyre
Family Detective by Alexander Hope
Principal Target By Stellen Qxz
The Undercover Groomsman - Stellen Qxz
Cloak & Stagger - Stellen Qxz
Canuck by Geoff Wolak
Drake by Geoff Wolak
7 Days in May by Peter Barns
Suzy by Gary L Beer
See Night Run by D.W. St.John
The Luxembourg Amendment by David L. Ruggeri
Dangerous Dana by Doris Miller
Notoriety by Dom Gilormini
The Woods of Red Hill by Shaun Whittington
The Third Anniversary by Shaun Whittington
DEMONS by Shaun Whittington
Billy by Shaun Whiittington
Straight and Narrow by Sigrid Macdonald
Peter Collins by James Nutter
Network of Killers by D. B. Reynolds
Resurrection by Sara Reinke
by Sara Reinke
The Penal Colony by Richard Herley
Findo Gask: Goblin Detective by Trevor Hopkins
Findo Gask: Gumshoe Glamours by Trevor Hopkins

Excerpt from Duncan James' thriller, Motorbike Men, 'The sharp end of Section 11 was a flexible force of specially trained field officers, mostly drawn from military special forces and police special branch, but with a few from the security services. There was no telling how many might be needed at any one time, or where they might be deployed, so there was an ‘on call’ reserve pool available at ‘no notice’ if required. Reserves or not, they were very highly trained. Although when out in the field they normally worked in pairs, they were otherwise on their own with little or no immediate ...