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Drone Strike by August Quinns
Death on a Small, Dark Lake by Lenny Everson
Granite and Dry Blood by Lenny Everson
Tinman by Tom Fitzgerald
A Vested Interest by John and Shelia Chapman
After: First Light By Scott Nicholson
Hounds on a Cuff by Arun Shravan L A
The Meandering Thoughts of a Nomadic Mind: Crime Novellas Vol 1 by Peter C Byrnes
In for a Penny in for a Pound by Dean Caldwell
Misty Falls by Shaun Whittington
Chatterton Place: The Inheritance A Mystery by Patricia C Garlitz
Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover
Sharko by Ben Borland
LA 3-Way by Ben Borland
Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells
Devine Intervention by Graeme Winton
Diane D, The Musical Drama By Doris Miller
Dark Places by Jon Evans
Blood Price by Jon Evans
Night of Knives by Jon Evans
Invisible Armies by Jon Evans
Sins of a Nation by Don McGraw
Traffic Court By Mitch Rosen
Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1 By Mike Wells
Acts of Faith By Clive Gilson
Songs of Bliss By Clive Gilson
Don't Call Me Baby By Betty Byers
The Frozen Ocean By David M. Antonelli
The Hogwon Murders By Mark Hill
Deep Trouble By Mark Hill

A snippet from crime thriller, Payback, by Peter Barns: The morning was cool and overcast. Frank ate his breakfast beside a large window overlooking the hotel garden. He was depressed, deflated and lonely. Karla had gone back to Scotland and wouldn’t return his calls, and he’d slept very badly, tossing and turning all night, disturbed by vivid dreams. Crunching his way through a slice of toast, he tried to push the memories away, but they kept forcing themselves back - drawing him along corridors that echoed with hollow footsteps ...