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COORG - A State of Mind By Animesh Anand
Guidebook with photos and maps

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COORG - A State of Mind. By Animesh Anand
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Ebook Synopsis

This travelogue, painted in the backdrop of an unearthly part of the cosmos, is a reflection of eternal memories one experiences in such ethereal setup. These memories might not be confined to an individual; neither do they belong to a single group of friends who visited the valley. Instead, the memoir bespeaks of the characteristically human spirit to travel - humble, curious and accepting.


The more attentive we are as we travel and the more reflective afterwards, it is more likely that our travel experiences will enhance our sense of self and purpose.

I started this travelogue as a tribute to my friends, but by the end, this has become something which is most important to me. A part of me feels proud with my effort.

This started when we were just back from the trip to Honey Valley, Coorg. An idea came into my consciousness. It sat there and blocked all other thoughts from flowing. I knew this was going to bother me until I completed it.

It took some time, and a lot of reading. For I’ve had so many irritating moments of not knowing how to explain something because of scarcity of words. In this duration, I reconnected with my old habit of reading and somewhere all of my readings are reflected in the pages that follow.

I’ve tried to mention as many sources that inspired me in the bibliography. Most of the ideas have been adopted in spirit, some in words and few in their totality. It was a difficult but an ineluctable choice considering the limited amount of time. This preface, in itself, is inspired by an online blog on channelizing oneself.

In the process, I followed the emotions to the core, went through the thoughts and memories that were connected to the feeling and took the time to travel through my thoughts. Once ‘in the zone’, every thought just came to me, which when blended with literary jewels of prodigious writers, has produced this small effort of being.