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Publishers and free ebooks ...

Publishers, list your books with obookoThe prime objective of obooko is to offer members access to ebooks in a wide range of genres and categories. Why free? Because not everyone can afford to buy printed books: people around the world who struggle on a low income or benefits; students; those in under-developed countries, and all those who truly have to tighten their belts during periods of economic downturn.

With this in mind we set up obooko to encourage and keep people reading, regardless of their ability to pay. When they are in a position to pay, they will. And most will happily 'spread the word' about the titles they read and the publishers who extend their goodwill. Sound schmaltzy? It's not. It's the kind of publicity you can't buy: word-of-mouth. And the distribution of free ebooks is a sound strategy employed by astute publishers to bolster the sales of printed books.

By distributing free copies from your current or back catalogue on obooko, you will also attract medium and high income readers who will happily buy a printed book after evaluating a digital version.

Visitor traffic to the obooko English language and International sites is going to grow, rapidly. And soon, obooko will be recognised as a leading global source for quality free digital downloads.

Please use the Contact form to ask us any questions.