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The Devil is a Woman - J. M. Munro

Having made her way up from Spain to France and left (she hopes!) her life as a prostitute behind her, the half-Scottish half-Spanish Mariana de la Mar (Marian MacElpin) is now an unofficial student a...

The Undeparted Dead, Part 1 - J. M. Munro

Mariana continues her bawdy and frequently catastrophic career as a solver of mysteries, this time in England, where, having been recruited to a network of secret agents specialising in the occult, sh...

The Undeparted Dead, Part 2 - J. M. Munro

The story begun in THE UNDEPARTED DEAD Part 1 continues. Having disposed of the decomposing revenant that was tearing priests and monks limb from limb, Mariana now returns to Colchester and the bro...

Wrong Way Round the Church - J. M. Munro

This is the story of Mariana's early years. It is also the story of Ferchard, Sir Farquhar de Dyngvale, her father's old friend, and the story of the little "lost princess", the &quo...
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