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obooko free ebooks are 100% legal.

We are official distributors of the free ebooks on this site, which means we have written permission (licence) from the author to host and share their work globally.

One thing we will never need is a futile DMCA notice, which effectively states 'I may have stolen your book, if you are the author you have to prove it to me and I may hand it back.' Hundreds of pirate download sites (including some big-name sites that charge you for downloading!) are now hiding behind this notice as if it gives them the right to bypass Copyright law. Please don't support digital piracy: keep well away from illegal download sites and use only genuine services like obooko.

The books you download from obooko are strictly for your personal use only. It is an offence under Copyright law to offer any of these works for sale. What's more, you must not distribute them on other websites without written permission from the author, who allows you to download and read their free ebook: no other rights are granted; you simply take possession of the digital copy for reading only. The author owns the digital and printing rights to their work and is the ONLY person who has the right to sell or appoint distributors for what is, in legal terms, their Intellectual Property. You may be prosecuted in a court of law if you infringe Copyright in any way.

Legally distributed free ebooks from obookoWe respect, uphold and protect copyright-holder's rights; that's why we obtain written permission to distribute from every author whose work appears on this site. obooko does not accept posting of books by the general public.

We therefore confirm that you may, with total confidence, legally download free ebooks from obooko for your personal use. You may store them on any computer or hand-held device. Where a book's security settings state Printing Allowed, you may print copies for your own use. But don't forget, you must never attempt to sell these books.

Selling or distributing ebooks, whether free or purchased is Digital Piracy: it is no different to illegally downloading music, software or movies, or copying and selling counterfeit cds or dvds. Just because you can do it does not mean it is right. Check out the movie clip below; it's about movies but the message is the same.

Types of Copyright Licence:

Standard Copyright ebooks are strictly Copyright protected. You must not perform any actions, including copying, printing, distribution or posting on file-sharing websites, without the author's written consent. You will be prosecuted if you offer them for sale. PDF ebooks downloaded from obooko are cleared for personal printing if this option has been enabled in the file's security settings.

Creative Commons licensed ebooks are more accommodating. They are published under a specific licence which is a set of conditions which may allow you to copy, share, remix and make derivative works. However, some of the author's legal rights as Copyright holder still apply and you must read and abide by the terms of the actual Creative Commons licence appearing inside each work.

Public Domain texts have few restrictions. If no laws establish proprietary rights over a work to restrict its use by the public at large; typically when Copyright has lapsed or has not been asserted, it is deemed to be in the Public Domain. Be careful though: the text of a book may be in the Public Domain but this does not necessarily mean the book itself is; the cover design and formatting may be the Intellectual Property of an individual or publishing firm and protected by Copyright law. If in doubt, contact the publisher. Please familiarise yourself with Copyright laws in your country.