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Book cover: Thirteen Revived

Thirteen Revived

by Jonny Newell
Welcome to the darkness of - 'Thirteen Revived', a new, revised, and updated 2020 edition of Jonny Newell's most successful book - 'Thirteen', 13 dark short stories and p...
Book cover: Mr. Mysterious in Black

Mr. Mysterious in Black

by S. Ann Cole
Sadie Francé has known nothing but pain all her life. Good things just didn't happen to people like her. Once, she let herself believe the opposite. She believed the lies of th...
Book cover: Unchained


by Zach Ribble
Spiritually Smart Ways to Eliminate Anxiety, Find Peace, and Live Free for God. It is time to stop letting fear play a part in your daily decisions. If you believe in God yet still strugg...
Book cover: Centennial


by John C. Nash
Baby-boomers were nearing adulthood. Survivors of World War II and Korea were discovering middle age. The US military-industrial complex was trying to gouge profits out of a futile and moral...
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