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Book cover: Heaven

Heaven: Book 1 in The Afterlife Series

by Mur Lafferty
Best friends Kate and Daniel die in a car crash, but discover Heaven is, well, boring. They leave and begin visiting other afterlives, and discover their wanderings may have a greater purpos...
Book cover: woof, meow

woof, meow

by P. inish
The type of experimentation characterizing his work. . .situates him within the tradition of zaum, the 'transrational' poetry of the Russian futurists Khlebnikov and Kruchenyk, and c...
Book cover: Endless Travel

Endless Travel

by Anwer Ghani
A collection of expressive narrative prose poems. The travel of our souls is an innate desire. Just as we cannot live without food, we cannot live without this traveling desire. One of th...
Book cover: lola


by Miriam Yvette
There is no future without the past. Lola is in limbo, unable to forget the night she lost her daughter. With her cabin left in shambles. She spends the winter with Dr. Graham and his wif...
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