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Hoist by their own Petard. By Natisha P. Parsons

Hoist by their own Petard

by Natisha P. Parsons
To be hoist by your own petard simply means to be hurt by the trap you’ve set for another. This phenomenon is mentioned in the Bible and by Shakespeare (Hamlet), too. King David said i...
Twin Flames Part Two. By Joleen Books

Twin Flames Part Two

by Joleen Books
Timothy and Melinda continue on their twin flame journey and divine mission together. They battle demons while trying to keep evil out of the sacred ancient library and come across a crossro...
Ytterbium Fires. By Bill Kandiliotis

Ytterbium Fires

by Bill Kandiliotis
Treasonous humans, corporate goons, a mysterious crime scene onboard a space mine, a snuff collector, a subterranean explorer, winged sharks, a deadly robot, marooned time travellers, a maro...
Puppet on a String. By Bradley Pearce

Puppet on a String

by Bradley Pearce
It's a love story. But it's complicated. About a man named Frank. Frank Drake to be precise. Until Smith appeared, Frank’s life was manageable. Hanging off a bar on First Avenu...
Celebration of Peter Byrnes' 50th Murder Detective Series book

50th Murder Squad book!

Australian author, Peter C Byrnes, has a large following on Obooko. And it's about to get larger with the recent release of The Stench of Death, the 50th bo... Read more

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Publishing on Obooko

New and established authors from all parts of the world may publish their books on Obooko for free distribution to a global audience via our extensive library. By removing barriers and making it easy to put your stories and textbooks onl... Read more

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