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Book cover: The Birth

The Birth

by Miriam Yvette
It's the year 2200 - Awaiting the birth of her first child, Lola is adjusting to her new life near a small town in Washington State. But instead of baby showers, the memories of her ruth...
Book cover for PUSHBACK novel.


by Leo Croix
Writing as Leo Croix... The United States Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, to insiders, simply the Agency. The tip of the spear, the face of the shield that protects America from tho...
Book cover: A Dangerous Ally

A Dangerous Ally

by Charlie Peters
Since 9/11, many of the World’s Nations have progressively invested large sums of money to protect their citizens, property, and ancillary services from the threats of Terrorist attack...
Book cover: The Sleep.

The Sleep

by David M. Antonelli
Laura Chain lost her virginity on New Years Eve 1999 and was christened The First Woman of the Twenty-First Century by her now deceased punk rock singer boyfriend Johnny Enzyme. In her early...
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