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Book cover: More Hubs that Provoke

More Hubs that Provoke

by Roy T James
More Hubs that provoke is another collection of essays from the author, where he looks at some more of the issues the human race considers as understood by all. In each, the aim is to portra...
Book cover: Conquering California

Conquering California

by Tippy Gnu
Many Americans worry about illegal immigrants sneaking across our southern border. But did you know there was a time when it was the other way around? We were pouring into Mexico, and Mexico...
Book cover: blood Lust, by Peter C Byrnes

Blood Lust

by Peter C Byrnes
This is the 57th Instalment in the series dealing with the career and life of Murder SquadDetective Joseph Lind. In this episode he finds himself flying solo before he becomes the mentor...
Book cover: Critical Action

Critical Action

by Stellen Qxz
An Off-Book Novel (Derrick Olin, the lost years). In 2009, Birmingham’s toughest tough guy went on hiatus with no intention of returning to print. This changed, of course, in 2012 when...
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