Common Questions and Answers

I can't log in or register, or updates are not showing, what's gone wrong?
Your browser is continually storing data (images, text, code, scripts, files, etc.) in its cache while you are surfing. The cache sometimes gets clogged up and causes access conflicts, especially if you have been entering login details on other sites. Also, your browser may not be displaying updated books or graphics. Our advice is to refresh/reload the current page by using the circular arrow icon. If this does not work, you may need to do some house-cleaning by clearing your browser cache. Should this not solve the problem, please let us know via the contact form.

I have not received confirmation of my registration. Where is it?
A confirmation message is sent automatically via our membership system, but the email message may have been incorrectly identified as spam (it's not!) by your provider and not forwarded to your mailbox (it may not even reach your spam folder.) Another cause is non-delivery: we receive many 'bounced' replies stating that the recipient does not have an account with gmail, yahoo, etc., so please check you have entered the CORRECT email address at registration and that you are receiving email messages to that account. If you give us an incorrect email address there is no way we can contact you. It is also a good idea to 'whitelist' email from Please use the contact form to let us know if you have not received your confirmation message or cannot log in. 

I have forgotten my Password. How do I find it?
Click the 'FORGOT PASSWORD' link on the login form. A new page will load, where you enter your email address. A password reset link will be emailed to you: follow the link and enter your desired password. Job done!

How do I change my Password or Email Address?
Head over to your Account page (link in the top menu) where you can change your password or email address via the menu on the left.

I can't find the downloaded ebook file on my Computer, where is it?
For the majority of devices, ebooks will download direct to your 'Downloads' folder. To save files to your desktop or a different location, right-click and select 'Save as'. You may wish to create a special folder for the books you download from obooko.

How do I download ebooks to a Kindle device?
Kindle is an Amazon product and tied to their service: it is not in their interest to make it easy for you to shop or download free kindle books outside of their brand! However, most Kindle device or app users download ebooks (pdf or mobi) from obooko direct to their computer, then transfer them to their device via usb cable. This method can actually be quicker than using wireless transfer. Check out these pages:
Transferring, Downloading, and Sending Files to Kindle 2nd generation
Downloading, Streaming, and Transferring Files to Kindle Fire 1st generation

How do I open a PDF, ePub or Kindle book on my device?
Please ensure you have the latest version of your favourite Ebook Reader installed on your computer or handheld device. We recommend Adobe Reader.

How do I get ebooks to load onto my eReader.
We don't offer support for handheld devices. Please read your manual carefully and check out manufacturer forums for solutions to any problems you may have. If the author has not made a suitable ebook format available you can convert PDFs to your preferred filetype by using free CALIBRE software or via an online conversion tool.

I'm an author and have revised my book, how do I replace the old file?
Whenever you wish to update a file all you have to do is select the Updates and Revisions link in your Author Account menu. You can update your Synopsis there too. We process all files manually but we'll make the replacement as soon as we can. 

How do I cancel my membership?
We would hate to see you go, but you may cancel by selecting the Close Account option from your account menu. Don't forget to tell us why you are leaving: it will help us improve our free service.

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