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Science Fiction to launch you into another world!

Science fiction books are an amazing way to escape into the future or to a distant planet or galaxy to discover advanced alien civilisations and technology only limited by the imagination of the author. Some free books online will take a very scientific approach to what could actually be possible in the future whilst others may be more loose with their application of science as we know it today. Whatever the case, sci-fi makes for some awesome storylines.

With sci fi books you will be taken to a place where science has advanced or is different to what we know today. In this backdrop there might be stories of adventure or war or discovering new planets and new species. Maybe humans have colonised Mars and are fighting an evil alien race or the hero has to negotiate the politics of a world 1000 years in the future from now. Perhaps the machines have taken over and enslaved humanity and the last free people have to fight for the survival of the human race.

In the early 20th century sci-fi short stories became popular in the USA due to the publishing of pulp magazines (magazine collections of short stories). These would keep teenagers enthralled with amazing tales of the future and alien worlds.

Today there are huge selections of science fiction books and our real world technologies fuel the ideas for what a future may hold. It is a massive genre that continues to grow and grow.

Check out our selection of online story books at obooko and download yourself something to carry you off into the future and stretch your imagination to what is possible. Maybe aliens and robot overlords are not so far away from being a real possibility!

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