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The Rings of Poseidon by Mike Crowson

The Rings of Poseidon
By Mike Crowson

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Book Synopsis

A team of archaeologists, led by Afro-Caribbean Alycia Graham is a Stone Age site in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland when they uncover a remarkably preserved copper ring ... a ring which seems to have the power to give the wearer a glimpse of the past ... but is their own past or that of the Ring? Why are all the team somehow connected with the ring? What is a metal ring doing so far back in the Stone Age, and who is seeking the ring over millenia?


The drum beat kept a time which was easy for an oarsman to follow, even one as new to the task as me, and we slipped round the maze of canals at a steady pace. The city is a good walk from the sea but the main channel is wide, straight and deep and the ship made it with no alarms. Once out in open water we shipped our oars,the crew hoisted our sail and the helmsman set a course round the island and across t...
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