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Only the Darkness by Mike Crowson

Only the Darkness
By Mike Crowson

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Book Synopsis

Gill has a safe way of exploring past lives ... but when Concha tries it she experiences an excerpt from the life of a woman who will be her daughter, living in a world of worsening environmental conditions. The question is whether she 'the' future or just 'a' future and whether she caused the future she saw. Duplicity and double dealing, greed and lust for wealth at the expense of the environment and murder demand all Gill's resourcefulness.


Another jagged streak of lightning forked down the side of one of the nearer peaks, which loomed for an instant from the rain and the falling darkness as another, more distant, flash lit up the sky behind it. The lightning was almost continuous now, illuminating the whole of the Sierra Nevada in an eerie firework display, to the accompaniment of an equally continuous, though not immediately near, c...
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