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Historical fiction books are set at least 25-50 years before the novel was written. They could also be novels that were written in the past that give us a view of the period of history that the novel was written in. Popular free books to read in this genre of fiction give us the opportunity to learn about detail of days gone by, although maybe not totally accurate as some artistic license will have been taken.

Often, real characters from the time will feature to give a sense of realism and as a way to explore genuine historic figures in their actual environment.

Writers of the genre must undertake a comprehensive study of the history of the era they portray. Without thorough research, historical novels become escapist romances, which make no pretense of documented accuracy.

A sub-genre of Historical fiction is the family saga, which examines the exploits of a family or several allied families over a period of time. These books may also explore chronicled events, social changes, and the ebb and flow of family fortunes from multiple perspectives. The typical saga may record generations of family history in a series.

Have you read any of Letitia Coyne’s series? If not, check out the first book, Britannia, which is set in AD77 and a hugely popular read on Obooko as a standalone historical fiction book and one of our most popular historical romance books.

Transport yourself back to another time and download some of the best historical books you’ll find online. Enjoy the story and the rich detail. Learn what it was like to live in that part of history and feel like a time traveller living in the past.

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