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Eyes of Amethyst by Lynn D. Dick

Free ebook: fantasy
Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Eyes of Amethyst by Lynn D. Dick
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Ebook Synopsis

Reader age rating 17+.

The prequel to Lynn D. Dick's Traveler's Joy - Dora's Story


This is one of the realities Hayley must face, along with time travel, magic and witchcraft.
When she is forced to flee from a stalker, Hayley goes to live with Willow, a distant relative and practising witch.

Willow gives her a silver heart shaped pendant that she claims has strange powers and tells Hayley of the legacy of the pendant. It must only be passed down through the female side of the family and has to go to a girl with amethyst colored eyes.

Hayley starts wearing the pendant and travels through time to meet Alice, who like Hayley, has amethyst colored eyes. Alice is in danger from a witchfinder and it is up to Hayley to try and save her. But can she? And can Hayley save herself?