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Tanaquill by Akalle
Free ebook: Paranormal Romance

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Tanaquill by Akalle
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A Regency paranormal romance.

in 1802, on a visit to London, Princess Tanaquill encounters a complete stranger who shows her a glimpse of the true love she will never achieve in her traditional, arranged marriage. obooko.


“Do you like it?” Chloe asked hopefully. The dressing room was draped by thick peach-colored curtains that reached the carpeted floor, emitting dusky light as the moon glowed over London. Candles flickered on the dressing table where Daphne sat on a low-back chair, her lady’s maid standing behind her, weaving a ribbon into her dark hair while they watched the scene behind them in a second looking glass. Standing on a low podium, Tanaquill pondered herself in the full length glass. Light blue silk fell around her in cloudy layers, a satin ribbon hugged under her bosom and trimmed the short ballon sleeves. She ran her hands down the fabric, admiring every delicate stitch. “Remarkable. The workmanship is exquisite. This is far superior to the muslin I changed into.” She lifted her gloved hand to her face and peered at it, as if examining an appendage no longer her own, but transformed by the tight silk. Her eyes began to swirl as she pondered her fingers. Chloe slid on her other glove. “You’ll have to be careful about that when you arrive at the ball,” she said.“Hmm?” Tanaquill turned her gaze to Chloe. Chloe gestured to the glass. “Your eyes. You’ll see many exciting things.”Tanaquill turned back to the glass and saw her reflection. “Yes, I must be careful,” she said, and as she spoke her eyes turned a solid blue. Humans wore elaborate and not exactly comfortable garments. It puzzled her that Englishwomen hid themselves even in warm weather. They hid themselves beautifully, though.
She lifted the skirt, revealing her ankles, and let it fall again. It seemed so long. And she would have to dance tonight. “I do hope I don’t stumble over the hem.” “You’ll do wonderfully,” said Chloe, taking her shawl from the back of a chair and draping it around her shoulders.Tanaquill touched a corkscrew curl with a gloved hand, pulling gently, and felt it spring back in its place.