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Answered Prayers by Lyn Bradley
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Answered Prayers by Lyn Bradley
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This free ebook is part 3 of Lynn Bradley's Jordan-McKeon trilogy.

Ben and Mikie come to the conclusion that they are finally rid of Adam Carpenter. Unfortunately things are not as they seem and Adam again attempts to ruin their marriage and business. obooko.

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It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in the middle of June. She was sitting in the big leather chair looking out of the office window across the bay. She could see one of the tourist boats, coming back from its trip to the grim island prison of Alcatraz. She let her mind drift back to the first time she had come to the city. It all seemed two lifetimes away now. Her father had asked her to come to San Francisco to open a new office for him. In the first week she was here, she had done the whole tourist bit. Seeing all the sights, visiting the recommended places and eating in the best restaurants. She had been like a schoolgirl away from her parents for the first time. She had been in awe of the city. It was unlike any other she had been to. When she first saw the office building in which she now sat, was empty she immediately bought it and claimed this very office as her own. From here she could see the bay. The most awe inspiring view was of the expanse of Golden Gate Bridge. Next to that was the building across the square. The Jordan Security building. She smiled as she thought of Ben sitting in his identical chair. She had grown used to the sights and sounds of the big city and knew she would miss it. But she also missed the tranquillity of her real home, Millbank Hall. Millbank, situated in northern England, was the ancestral home of the McKeon family. Her father Earl Henry McKeon was the Sixteenth Earl of Borders. Her mother Countess Margaret was originally from the south of the country but had fallen under the Millbank spell as soon as she had seen the huge house. Almost everyone Mikie knew had fallen under the same spell. Including Ben. It was Ben’s idea to live there. He had decided that it was time to hand the business over to the children and