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Forbidden Peaches by Senna Fisher
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Forbidden Peaches by Senna Fisher
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When she agrees to negotiate a deal for her team, Frances Pierce is confident that her charming and manipulative strategy will win the day. However, the strong and charismatic leader of the opposition is totally aware of her game. He therefore decides to use a strategy of his own to have her for himself. obooko.

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He looked up her and realized that she was watching him, her head tilted slightly. Her face had a quizzical expression, as if she was trying to read his thoughts. He smiled at her and she simply nodded at him. His heart was pounding as her eyes locked with his. Okay, she is tough. Charm is not her style. Okay, so wild and assertive it is going to be.

Frances had come to the meeting feeling a little apprehensive. She had been told that the issues were complex and emotional and that the National Liberal Party was not going to budge on any issues. They wanted a fight for the wrong reasons. Also, she had been told that the wilderness project was being driven by Adrian Arkley, a strong, passionate opponent who always got his way. She had thoroughly researched the topic and thought that they could compromise. Her Party had to play along with him on this one, or they could lose a great deal of support. He did not know that they wanted to agree with him, but could not have simply admitted to it. After all, an election was coming up soon and the Party could not be seen to be submitting to their enemies. Her job had been to come into the meeting, hear what he had to say and then offer a ‘compromise’. In essence, there was nothing different to what he wanted. She had vast experience in negotiation matters and had felt pretty sure that the meeting was to be easy and short.