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Sensual Pleasures by Senna Fisher
Free Romance

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Sensual Pleasures by Senna Fisher
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Contemporary romantic fiction.

Trisha finally meets a man who is passionate and interesting. The only problem is that she has a secret she would really like to keep to herself. Adrian, however, is determined to unearth all the mysteries of the woman who makes him irrational… obooko.

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Gareth smiled indulgently. He was glad he had forced Trisha to come along with him to the gallery today. He watched her staring at the painting. Her head was slanted and she was trying to read the name of the artist scrawled along the side. He went to her.

‘Like it?’

‘Oh yes, it appeals to me. I like the way it looks almost abstract, but not quite. I like the bright, earth tones and the vibrant brush strokes. It makes me think of strong sensual strokes....of you know....’

Gareth laughed. ‘You are a little horny today. You got all those thoughts from staring at a painting? Then you must meet Jocelyn, the artiste. She will be pleased to know that her work ignites your erotic fantasies.’

Gareth threw back his head and laughed. ‘But first do you need a drink?’

‘Oh yes, yes!’

Trisha rubbed her hands together in glee. Gareth laughed again. ‘My, my. I must drag you to these things more often. It certainly gets your juices flowing.’

‘Of course. Let’s go over to the pub and get a little sloshed. That will calm me down and help me survive when I go back to my office for a long meeting this afternoon.’

Gareth smiled, ‘okay, some white wine is in order?’

‘Of course, of course. Need you ask?’