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48 Hours - Claudia Nicholl
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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48 Hours by Claudia Nicholl
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A 14 year old girl! She is missing! What would you do?


“Boss wants new shipment,” the guy said.The big man walked over to a battered couch and let his bulk fall onto threadbare beige cushions. A tired squeaking sound escaped from the springs beneath him.The boss wants a new shipment, the big man thought cynically. The buyer was going through the goods faster than he went through his underwear. What was the man doing? The merchandise was usually sturdy and well maintained.Staring at a picture of a ghastly painted Italian landscape, he shrugged his shoulders. What did he care? If they wrecked the goods before the expiry date, then it gave him the opportunity to supply some more - as long as they paid him.Thoughtfully, he turned his head and glanced towards the dingy kitchen at the end of a long narrow passage, its floor covered by a threadbare spot-stained brown carpet. An overflowing dustbin winked at him from behind a paint peeling door. The head of a Rottweiler peered around a corner. The dog’s pink gums glowed in the semi-darkness as it opened its huge jaws.“The price has gone up,” the big man said, drawing his lips back to reveal sharp pointy teeth.“That no good,” the Asian twittered.Growing increasingly irritated by the Asian’s attitude, a frown appeared on the man’s forehead. He loathed the wiry man with his ugly pock-marked face, his smell of incense, cigarette smoke and cheap hair gel.

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