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Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1 By Mike Wells
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Genre/Category: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
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Passion, Power & Sin - Book 1 By Mike Wells
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Advisory reader age for this book is 17+

One spectacular financial scheme. One woman alone against the world. Young, beautiful, and yearning for love, Heather Bancroft meets the "perfect" man...and is lured into a game in which she begins to make more money than she ever imagined. Betrayed by her own innocence, she loses all that is dear to her and discovers that she has been mercilessly used. Defeated and broken, but surviving with sheer persistence and ingenuity, Heather emerges from her trying ordeal, determined to punish the ruthless man who destroyed her life. Her thirst for revenge takes her halfway around the globe, to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, where her nemesis secludes himself in obscene wealth that he's gained from the financial ruin of others. Heather is playing for the highest stakes in a lethal game. Only one man loves her - he's handsome, confident, and just as determined as she is. Only one man can stop her - a criminal mastermind who is intent on her destruction.

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The private superyacht Alana sliced through the waters of the Mediterranean Sea like a glittering knife blade.The 300 million euro ship was a floating city. It housed two swimming pools, a sports complex, a movie theatre, and dozens of elegantly furnished staterooms. The magnificent vessel was in constant motion crisscrossing the Mediterranean, making infrequent, short stops at Nice, Corfu, Venice, Monaco, and Barcelona. At each port, the finest food stocks and wines were brought aboard, handpicked by the ship’s world-class chef. The owner of this incredible vessel pledged allegiance to no country, believed in no political party, and prayed to no god. Although he boasted staggering, self-made wealth, he was known to no kings or popes or presidents. He was an enigmatic recluse, a living ghost. The yacht was his refuge, a movable island that insulated him from the ordinary humanity, a humanity that he expertly manipulated for his own selfish purposes.He prayed to no god because he was a god himself.

Ricardo Maya stood on the uppermost deck of the Alana, his perfectly-fitted linen suit fluttering in the breeze. The late afternoon sun cut across the bronzed features of his face.One deck below, a half dozen young girls were reclined around the swimming pool in chaise lounge chairs, stark naked. All were of centerfold quality, their oiled bodies glistening in the afternoon sun.But today Maya did not even notice the girls. His mind was occupied with his latest financial scheme. The results of six months of arduous, painstaking work would all come together in the next few days, the “harvest”, as he thought of it. Maya had no doubt that everything would go well, as always. But he was still on edge.