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Delver Magic, Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo

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Delver Magic, Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo
Ebook Synopsis

Ryson Acumen finds that his time of service to the Land of Uton and its people is not yet complete. Together with Holli Brances and Lief Woodson, they must work together once more to end a growing threat and to meet their own undeniable destinies. It is not without loss or sacrifice as they struggle to battle grotesque forces of malevolence. Enemies once forgotten return to hold sway over each ensuing conflict.

Under the conniving guidance of the serp Sazar, legions of dark creatures rise out of Dark Spruce Forest. Allying himself with a sorceress of power in the Lacobian desert, Sazar finds the strength to rule and turns his lustful eyes eastward. Targeting the outposts and farmlands surrounding Connel, the serp forms a dark army to bring terror to the humans.