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Crown of the Realm by D. Dalton

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Crown of the Realm by D. Dalton
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Ebook Synopsis

Download Book 2: Heartstealer   Download Book 3: The Sword of Pallens

In this first volume of the All Things Impossible series, an ancient evil has returned. An ancient war has resumed. And for the first time in elven history, the Crown of the Realm has been stolen.

But young Derora Saxen knows nothing of such things. When she sets out from her village with her best friend Kelin, she knows only that she wants to be a warrior.

She does not know the immortal chemmen have escaped the realm of darkness to which they had been banished for millennia. She does not know chemmen armies are already exacting revenge on their hated enemies, the elves, or that chemmen assassins have already killed the elven king and queen ...