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Spell of Fate by Mayer Alan Brenner

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Spell of Fate by Mayer Alan Brenner
Ebook Synopsis

AUNTIE LEEN! AUNTIE LEEN! Look what I found! ” Auntie Leen, also known as the Keeper of the Imperial Archives, raised her eyes above the lenses of her reading glasses as the three-year-old figure of her nephew skidded to an uncertain halt next to her desk. In the midst of a frenetic bustle of waving arms she could see that both hands were empty, and the pockets exhibited no more than their typical bulge. “Very well, ” said Leen. “I’m looking. What are you hiding, and where are you hiding it? ” He was tugging insistently at her hand. “Here! Come here! ” Robin had been rummaging somewhere off in the back, playing hideand- seek with himself among the uneven aisles and coating himself with his usual cloud of grime. With her free hand, Leen slid an acid-free marker into the ancient book and closed the crumbly cover, leaving it perched on the reading stand, and picked up her lantern.