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Heart Stealer by D. Dalton

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Heart Stealer by D. Dalton
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Ebook Synopsis

Download Book 1: Crown of the Realm   Download Book 3: The Sword of Pallens

All Derora Saxen ever wanted was to be a warrior. Now, she is on her way to join the finest warriors in the world, the Silver Dawn Dragoons. But before she can begin her training as a Dragoon Knight, she has a slight problem to deal with …

Thomas Delauncey knows better than mix it up in other people’s affairs. That’s always trouble. But a young girl is dying, a young girl with a dangerous gift. A young girl he has sworn to save. To do so, he must seek an ancient talisman, and he needs help to recover it.

So he kidnaps a young woman. A young woman who claims she was on her way to be a knight, and who actually expects him to believe she fought in the war against the chemmen. A young woman he soon wishes he had never set eyes on.