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The Boston 395 by Jason Derr

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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The Boston 395 by S.S. Raees
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Ebook Synopsis

James Scotesdale went to school and studied the right things, he had all the right friends, he had the love of a good woman and the support of his family. And then the economic crisis began and his secure life was suddenly not so secure.

Now age 25 he lives on his mother's couch, in debt and brokenhearted. But all that changes when The Boston 395 train line appears in his living room. The Boston 395 is like no train you have ever seen. Each stop exits into James's life, revealing truths he would rather not deal with. Guided by The Conductor and populated by a colorful cast of characters The Boston 395 will take James - and the reader - to places they never expected.

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