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The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book One
by Abigail Hilton

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
Creative Commons
Ebook Format: PDF
Size: 216 x 279mm
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The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book One by Abigail Hilton
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Ebook Synopsis

Book One - Fauns and Filinians

Corry showed up at the orphanage two years ago, unable to remember how he’d gotten there. He spoke a language no one recognized, and he was afraid of cars and planes and computers. Corry can remember snippets of another life, but no matter how hard he tries to remember, it just keeps slipping away. Then one day, he meets a fauness in an orange grove. She’s from a world called Panamindorah, and he can understand her language. In addition, Corry can read a language that no one in Panamindorah has been able to read for three hundred years; has he really been gone that long? Now he must recover his lost memories and rebuild his life, because the person who tried to kill him once is about to try again.