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The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Two by Abigail Hilton

The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Two
By Abigail Hilton

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Book Synopsis

Book Two - Wolflings and Wizards

Just as the sun was growing strong on the walls of Danda-lay's palace, an astonished doorshelt admitted a bloody, bedraggled wood faun, dripping with sweat and mist water. He was still wearing his hat with a green plume.
"Syrill? What happened to--? Wait! You can't--! At least let me announce you--!" By the time Syrill arrived at the dining hall, he was trailing half a dozen palace shelts, all politely dissenting. Pleasant voices, laughter, and the clink of utensils died as the dignitaries caught sight of Laven-lay's general. He walked to his king and spoke into the stunned silence. "Meuril, Lexis has taken Capricia."


1. The Ripples Begin How rude of them to start a war without telling us.

--remark attributed to Kietsis during the wizard wars. Read more

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