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The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Three
by Abigail Hilton

Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
Creative Commons
Ebook Format: PDF
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The Prophet of Panamindorah - Book Three by Abigail Hilton
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Ebook Synopsis

Book Three - Fire and Flood

Amid the long shadows of Archemais‘s library, Corellian lay awake. He could hear the soft snores of his companions, and the supper they‘d eaten sat warm and pleasant in his belly. The banked fire gave off a soft glow. He was tired. But he could not sleep. It wasn‘t the strange mixture of serpent‘s den and scholarly residence they‘d found behind the locked door. It wasn‘t the enormous snake skin lying in one of the rooms—it‘s eye-covers large as tea cups. It wasn‘t the dead alligator hanging in the cool cellar. What was keeping Corry awake was the other locked door—the one that led presumably to Archemais‘s bedchamber. That, and the Earth items he‘d found lying about the house ...