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Darkside: Waking the Dead by S.K.S. Perry

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Darkside: Waking the Dead by S.K.S. Perry
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Ebook Synopsis

The sequel to Darkside.

Zombies—in Kingston? Okay, so there were always zombies in Kingston, but now they’re antiquing?

While shopping for Drat’s wedding gift, James and Leanne are drawn into a battle with a biker zombie at Ye Olde Antique Shoppe no doubt looking for that perfect knick knack to set off his crypt.

James and the gang are drawn deeper into mystery as they battle foes on a journey that will lead them from the Isle of Skye, home of Skatha—she who strikes fear—to the Cataraqui Town Centre, the largest shopping center in the greater Kingston area!

It’s a journey that will force James to confront his own conscience as he struggles with his burgeoning powers, and the realization of just what it might mean to live forever. After all, being dead isn’t nearly as much fun as it looks.