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Britannia by Letitia Coyne
Free ebook: historical romance

Genre/Category: Historical Romance
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Britannia by Letitia Coyne
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Ebook Synopsis

Lucius, Luc, is commander of an auxiliary cavalry unit of Legio XX, Valeria Victrix. The son of a Caledonian mercenary who joined Rome, he and his four brothers are renowned soldiers of great ability and bravery. At 25 he has served ten years, is looking at another fifteen, and has had enough of killing.

When Maia is married off to her stepbrother, she is once again abandoned when he returns to his post. Seizing her chance to escape, she joins an exclusive group of travelling priestesses on their way to Britannia. But they can only take her some of the way, and she finds herself moving through a complex web of lies and deceptions, where everyone she meets has a separate agenda ...


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