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It's Not You, It's Your Strategy by Hillary Rettig

It’s Not You, It’s Your Strategy
By Hillary Rettig

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HIAPy offers an effective job search strategy and lots of other useful information, including: your primary task as a job searcher; attitudes and habits that promote success in a job search; what to do if your last job, or a prior one, ended badly; the primary goal of every job application; why you should only send out a few resumes at a time; the common mistakes applicants make that sabotage their applications and prolong unemployment; AND the fundamental things ALL employers look for.


Unemployment is almost always a horrible experience: demoralizing, depressing and disorienting. We tend to punish ourselves harshly for our “failure,” feeling lots of shame and guilt, and sometimes others – even family and friends – punish us as well.

G.J. Meyer’s fantastic book Executive Blues: Down and Out in Corporate America (Fran...
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