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Einsteiner. By VK Fourstone

By VK Fourstone

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Book Synopsis

The task for real inventors is to make discoveries that change the world. They are the people who create our Future. What does an ordinary person, a loser of an engineer, have to do if the things in the world suddenly go wrong? Whether he - alone, broke and desperate - would be able to pull himself together and become the leader of the group which is trying to do the impossible - stop the evolution?

It is always easier to suppress the fears of your rebellious ego and go on as just a laborious cog in the system's machine. Yes, it is indeed easier than to revolt against the world's mightiest invention - Einsteiner, a technology which can unite the most brilliant ideas of human intellect in order to solve any kind of today's issues.

Artificial Intelligence turns to be something different as opposed to common stereotypes. It is not a self-teaching...
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