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Fair Semblances by Nathan Pitchford

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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Fair Semblances by Nathan Pitchford
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Ebook Synopsis

The little Consortium of Fair Semblances, high in the northern Draconian Mountains, is the only world young Mishael Henoch has ever known; but one night, he and two friends, Javan and Shashi Togarmah, decide to break through the Impenetrable Thicket, which has stood as an impassable barrier around Fair Semblances from time immemorial. Although unsuccessful at first, the consequences of their night escapade lead Mishael to the solution of an ancient riddle, hidden in plain sight of the people of Fair Semblances for many generations. Armed with this new information, he breaks through the Thicket, and finds himself in a world vaster than he had ever imagined. This boundless new world is in the midst of a great struggle between good and evil, which is even more epic and terrifying than the ancient legends had been able to convey. In the very midst of this struggle is Fair Semblances; and now that he has escaped from Fair Semblances, so is he.