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Understanding Isaiah by Nathan Pitchford

Understanding Isaiah
By Nathan Pitchford

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Known for its soaring language, its universal scope, and the stunning clarity of its prophecies of Christ, the book of Isaiah is truly the queen of the Old Testament prophetic books. Designed to guide an intensive fifteen week study, Understanding Isaiah is an in-depth, and yet a lay-level overview of the beautiful messianic message of Isaiah the prophet.


The first verse in the book of Isaiah is helpful in that it gives a historical setting for the prophecies that follow, and it specifies the immediate audience to whom the prophet was writing. We see by this information that Isaiah was the earliest of the major writing prophets (although not the earliest of any writing prophet – Jonah, Amos, and Hosea were likely earlier than Isaiah), and that his message had to do primarily with the southern kingdom of Judah (unlike that of Amos and Hosea). The peri...
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