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A Matter of Time by Amanda Winters

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Genre/Category: Fantasy Books
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A Matter of Time by Amanda Winters
Ebook Synopsis

This is book 2 in the Queens of Raz series. Download book 1 - book 3 - book 4

Two years after Ann becomes Queen of Raz, William decides he wants her back, and he stumbles upon his chance when he receives an alien device that allows him to go six years into the past with her. While he has his memories, she does not. She’s forgotten all about Raz and Hathor. But Hathor also travels into the past, by mistake, and he’s going to find her. Meanwhile, Omin’s clone settles onto Earth in human disguise to establish an army who will eventually fight for him to take over as Leader on Pale. But first, the clone must kill Ann before she can become Queen of Raz.

Rated PG