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Retribution by Amanda Winters

By Amanda Winters

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Book Synopsis

This is book 3 in the Queens of Raz series. Download book 1 - book 2 - book 4

Three years after A Matter of Time, Ann is called to come to the aid of the Olympians who are the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman Mythology. They are in danger of dying because someone stole their immortal power. The trek to find the missing stone takes Ann from a planet called Lone back to Earth. Except, this time she goes to a place long ago removed from the map: Atlantis. It is here she learns the origins of the Olympian gods, faces an old nemesis, and discovers just how much she is capable of doing as Queen.


Location: Outside the Royal Palace

Planet: Raz

Galaxy: Enchanted

Ann, the Queen of Raz, sat on a chair, enjoying the warm sunny afternoon. It was another perfect day on Raz. It seemed that every d...
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